Where do the castings take place?

Either in one of our studios or we rent a location, e.g. a sex club, hotel room, apartment etc.


Can I bring a companion?

Yes, of course.


Do I have to pay my travel costs myself?

We will cover these costs. However, the travel costs should be within a normal range (we do not pay first class tickets etc.)


Do I have to bring a health certificate for the casting?

Yes, a casting shot takes place under real conditions, that means without condoms.

The health certificate must not be older than two weeks. Also for this we take the costs.


How does a casting shoot go?

First we’ll discuss what your goals in the erotic business are and what sexual preferences you have.

Then we take some nude pictures of you. These will be added to your model profile.

Finally we shoot a casting video. One of our porn actors will be your partner. The following scenes are always part of a casting shoot:

  • blowjob
  • vaginal sex
  • anal sex
  • cumshot on the face and in the mouth

Depending on what you have specified in your application, further scenes will be shot. If necessary, another actor will join, e.g. for a threesome, double penetration etc.

If you are available for gangbangs and / or bukkake, we invite you to a group casting.


Will I be paid for the casting video?

We offer to buy a license of your casting video for $ 300. You keep all the rights to the video. Of course you can think about it and sell us the video anytime later.


I can also do the casting shoot together with my partner?

Yes, sure. Just let us know.


Do I have to do anal sex, receive cumshots etc. in the casting, even if I have not specified this in my application.

Let’s be honest. No porn movie comes out today without anal sex scenes, blowjobs, cumshots etc. That’s why we demand the following sexual practices from all our models: oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, take a cumshot on the face and in the mouth, swallow cum.

If you did not specify these practices in your application, we will give you the opportunity to get used to them slowly.